Materials for the future

We manufacture unique electronic materials that run the world.

PiBond develops and produces unique materials that are activated by photons. These are crucial crucial for manufacturing semiconductor chips. Our work is rare, and among the handful of players in the world that share our passion, we are the only independent supplier in our field. We are based in Europe, but our playground covers the globe.

At Pibond, we are excited about future. While others wait to see what tomorrow holds, we work on creating it. Our products need to meet the demands of innovation that hits the market in 5 or 10 years, so we collaborate closely with the global leaders in semiconductor and photonics technologies. Today, we create semiconductor structures that are under 10 nanometres in size. This means that our materials and processes integrate billions of transistors on a single computer chip and make camera lenses that are less than 1 millimetre in diameter!

Working on computer

Years of research

PiBond was founded in 2014. However, our work dates back to the 90’s and research done by our founder, Dr Juha Rantala and his R&D teams. He pioneered the development and commercialization of siloxane and metal oxide materials for semiconductors and photonic applications. Today, our materials can be found in the most advanced electronic devices in the world – devices, you probably use every day – and our researchers work intensely on creating the technical solutions that enable tomorrow’s innovations.

Our products

Our products

PiBond’s products span three main areas: semiconductors, photonics, and medical devices. These versatile products find applications in microprocessors, NAND/DRAM memory, image sensors, 3D imaging, micro-LED displays, and medical devices. From smartphones to data centers, automotive systems to augmented reality, our innovations touch various industries, driving technological advancements and enhancing user experiences.

Bleeding edge innovation

Bleeding edge innovation

Our products are manufactured in our state-of-the art production facility in Finland. The core of this 3000-m2 facility is ultra pure, temperature and humidity-controlled chemical production Clean Room (class 10-10,000). Here, we do extensive in-house semiconductor process testing and perform bleeding edge innovation, research and development work that makes us the technology leader in our field. Right now, we have over 112 patents, with 85 issued, 27 pending, and more to come.

Our values


Quality is imperative for the success of our business and our customers' businesses. Our customers count on our ability to be meticulous.


Our customers trust us and so do our employees. We value, respect, and support our people. They change the world through their expertise, and we make sure they have fun whilest doing it.


Innovation is key for our industry to continue delivering solutions for the future. By developing novel materials and processes, we enable our customers to focus on creating the world-altering innovations of tomorrow.


We take sustainability seriously. Through environmentally sound practices we create materials without contamination and pollution. We are committed to the global chemical industry's Responsible Care initiative.

We are certified

PiBond is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified, and we have a fully audited production track record.