Materials for semiconductors

PiBond supplies materials to the leading semiconductor foundries globally.

Our materials for semiconductors are used in microprocessors, memory, and sensors. In the semiconductor industry, our products are found in the most advanced nanoscale nodes.

Only few companies globally produce the most advanced 5 nanometersemiconductor chips enabled with extremely specialized equipment, processes and materials. We are one of the very few critical material and process suppliers for today's and future microprocessors, data storage and sensor chips.



PiBond’s materials are found in the most cutting-edge logic chips such as CPUs and GPUs used in computers and mobile phones. We have an extensive history of supplying materials for logic chips. We are the only European materials supplier within the field of advanced, complex processor applications.



To store information digitally, people all over the world are likely to have used a memory device with PiBond material in it. Our materials for memory, such as NAND Flash or DRAM, ensure smooth production and long lifecycles.



Our semiconductor materials are used in non-optical sensors, such as MEMS sensors, in accelerometers, pressure sensors, gyroscopes, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, GPSes and compasses. Our products facilitate sensor miniaturization with finer features.

Materials for photonics

Pibond optically clear dielectrics are integrated in millions of optical sensors everyday and enable future meta and integrated optical circuits.

Optically clear materials with excellent dielectric properties are in great demand due to their application effectively in any device with a screen. Typical applications include anti-reflection and light pathway optimization to maximize device photon input or light output.

Our optical dielectrics have been applied in hundreds of millions of optical sensor devices. With a wide range of refractive indexes and our ability to tune the index to the correct range and different thickness has led to interest for these materials to be used in a myriad of applications. These materials are used in optical sensors for visible wavelengths.

Optical sensors

Optical sensors

Our advanced materials enhance the performance of devices with optical sensors, such as smart phone cameras, by maximising the devices’ sensitivity to light. PiBond’s materials enable wafer-level optics for manufacturing extremely small-scale, high-performance devices in high volumes. These optical sensors and detectors are, for instance, present in CMOS image sensors, face recognition, 3D imaging, and movement detection.

Virtual Reality


PiBond’s materials enable complex, next-generation displays of the future, that are thinner, lighter, brighter, curved, and more cost-efficient. Our products allow for new processes in display manufacturing, both in terms of assembly and integration, and also enable outstanding performance. The displays of the future can be found, for instance, in automotive applications, applications for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), extended reality (XR) and as micro-LED displays.

Integrated photonic components

Meta & integrated photonics

Pibond develops and supplies materials and processes for the highly advanced diffractive, meta and integrate optics devices. Through applications such as imaging, sensing, quantum computing, lasers, optical communication, 5G and optical switches. Integrated photonics will play a large role in the future of telecommunication and computing. PiBond’s materials and processes are an excellent fit for these devices, as our products enable smarter, better, lighter, cheaper, and more efficient dot matrix projectors, diffusers, collimators, flat lens optics as well as photonic integrated circuits.

Materials for medical devices

Pibond develops, manufactures, and supplies state-of-the-art biocompatible materials for devices in the medical industry.

In response to the increasing demand in the healthcare sector, Pibond expanded into the rapidly growing medical device materials in Spring 2024 market to establish a foothold in a new market segment. Products produced by PiBond for the medical industry include specialized coatings, adhesives, dielectrics, and monomers, oligomers, and polymers, all designed to meet the highest standards of biocompatibility and performance.

These materials are not just aimed at revolutionizing the manufacturing of medical devices, including implantable devices, semiconductors, and microfluidic chips, but also at improving patient outcomes and advancing medical technology.

  1. Devices for delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical formulations
  2. Materials for implantable functional devices
  3. Materials for microfluidic chips