PiBond to sponsor and present at International Workshop on Advanced Patterning SolutionsOct 20th 2021

PiBond participates in IWAPS in Foshan China with two posters outlining recent progress in silicon-based photoresist technology.

PiBond is working to develop a suite of proprietary, patternable silicon-based photoresist (Si-PR) materials with variable properties. Properties, which can be adjusted include silicon content, cure temperature, patterning wavelength and film thickness, among others. Depending on properties or requirements, Si-PR may e.g., be used as a patternable middle layer in lithography applications or as a permanent, directly patternable SiO2-like dielectric. The posters highlights three potential applications of silicon based photoresists – a photodefinable hardmask for polyimide patterning, a directly patternable SiO2-like dielectric material and a high resolution resist for e-beam applications.

IWAPS provides a forum for the experts from industry and research institutions worldwide to present and discuss advanced pattering solutions and related challenges such as material, equipment, process, metrology, computational lithography and design optimization.

PiBond at IWAPS, 28-29. October 2021. Foshan, Guangdong Province, China

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