PictM™ by PiBond – The most accurate 3D sensor in the world enabled by meta optics


  • In-cabin monitoring
  • 3D facial modeling
  • Facial recognition
  • Smart locking
  • Virtual presence
  • Volumetric imaging
  • Robotics and AGVs
  • Industrial 3D surface modeling

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Market Challenge

The greatest challenge for the future of 3D sensing lies in the sensor technology that can produce real-time accurate 3D information from the surrounding environment. That information is the starting point for many applications, like robotics, AGV, assisted or autonomous driving, AR/VR, healthcare, wellbeing and facial recognition.

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Our Solution

Our sensor provides the most accurate real-time 3D sensing with very small computational overhead using our patented algorithm. We combine triangulation with photogrammetry to observe the world around us in high detail and with superior accuracy.

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Miniaturizing the key components and adding sensor-level intelligence are our current main goals. We are constantly looking for customers to carry out application testing.

Operation Principle

The sensor comprises of a laser pattern projector, near-infrared cameras and RGB cameras. The laser pattern is imaged with the IR cameras and a triangulation with a diffraction modelling is carried out for the observed pattern details. Two RGB cameras create a stereo image which enhances the point cloud data created with the laser triangulation.


In-Cabin Monitoring (Child Presence Detection, CPD)

PictM™ sensor can detect breathing of a child, in a use-case of Child Presence Detection (CPD). This video shows micro movements together with an accurate 3D model of a child and car interior. The sensor mounted to cabin ceiling can monitor the whole backseat with and without child seats, single out which seats are occupied by living beings and ignore inanimate objects. This data can be used to remind the driver not to leave children or pets alone in the car.

This brings added benefit to fulfill the upcoming Driver and Occupant Monitoring System (DOMS) regulation in several countries (including EU, US and Australia). The same technology can be used to detect the driver's position and vital signs. As well as other in-cabin monitoring use-cases to enable the cabin awareness.


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